Participants profile: Non-customers of the Adelaide Central Market, Main Grocery Buyers

Geography: Adelaide, SA

Type: online focus group

Sample: 8 participants

Another recruiting project was successfully completed in April 2021. For a study conducted by an international media agency, the Marketing Pro Research Team recruited potential Adelaide Central market visitors who have not been there for a few years.

According to our experience, recruiting non-customers is usually more challenging than recruiting current users for a particular product. To overcome these difficulties, we paid great attention to why the potential participant did not visit the market and the remoteness of his place of residence. Thus, people living at a significant distance from the market and who did not have time to travel there were not considered as potential users.

During two weeks, the Marketing Pro Research Team recruited eight focus group participants, ensuring different age groups with different barriers to market entry. We hope that the received insights helped the client to shape his future business activities.