Participants profile: building/facilities managers, electrical contractors who outsource thermal imaging inspections

Geography: Greater Sydney Region

Type: online interviews

Sample: 14 managers and contractors

The project of recruiting specialists who carry out thermal inspections was a challenge for the Marketing Pro Research Team since we had not previously recruited respondents of such a narrow technical profile. The target audience included professionals who outsource thermal imaging services, such as building managers, manufacturing facilities managers, and electrical contractors. One of the tasks of the project team was to become familiar with technical terms and concepts in order to speak the same language as the participants and understand how thermal imaging works. This understanding was essential because participants often use specific terms to describe their activities during the telephone screening on professional topics. And a correct understanding of the terminology makes it possible to exclude the possibility of inviting unqualified respondents to interviews.

As a result of the hard work of the entire Marketing Pro Research Team, 14 participants took part in 30-min online interviews and helped the client form a strategy for promoting his products in the region.