Participants profile: potential students of the marine science program at the client’s university
Geography: Australia (mostly NSW)
Type: 90 min online-focus-groups
Sample: 11 participants

At the end of 2020, the Marketing Pro Research Team completed another recruitment project. Our client wanted to conduct a few focus groups with young people who were potential students of the marine sciences courses. Since the risk of getting non-qualified participants is higher when recruiting potential users, we paid extreme attention to the source of the respondents, focusing on thematic communities and professional groups. As a result, our participants were engaged in diving groups, volunteered for marine science projects, or expressed interest in marine science courses on the Internet.

Another challenge of this project was that the participants had to consider studying at the client’s university seriously. Therefore, the screening questions were carefully formulated not to push potential participants to the desired answer.

As a result of the two-week recruiting, the Marketing Pro Research team recruited 11 participants who successfully participated in focus groups and helped our client research team to answer their questions.