Participants profile: Prospective Adobe XD Users, IT/Marketing roles

Geography: Australia

Type: online interviews

Sample: 6 professionals

Marketing Pro Research Team has successfully carried out the first  project with a new overseas client focused on the audience of potential users of Adobe XD products.

As part of the study, we recruited 6 specialists working in IT or marketing departments of large Australian companies. Since criteria such as the size of the employer’s company, extensive experience in a narrow position and non-usage of products placed severe restrictions on the respondent’s profile, recruitment was carried out through professional networks and communities.

As usual, having a project with a professional audience, we first became familiar with relevant terms and concepts and explored the product itself to speak the same language as the participants. This understanding was essential because participants often use specific terms to describe their activities during the telephone screening on professional topics.

Therefore, our participants helped the client to learn about region-specific needs, and get feedback about some new ideas from potential Australian customers.